artist statement


Artist statement

My artistic practise explores ideas of intimacy and desire. Conventional ideas such as exclusivity, heterosexuality, lifelong commitment and romantic love are still considered cornerstones for a successful and accepted relationship in the Global North. By distorting the visual and spoken language used to maintain these conventions, I raise awareness of other platforms for relationships. My particular attention is on polyamory- having several parallel romantic and/or sexual relationships with all people involved knowing and aggreeing to this constellation.





i build an archive in which I collect rare sensations of polyamory. It includes depictions of intimacy and desire sprung from mainstream commercial contexts, scientific research and communities outside of monogamy. Opinions, ripped out pictures, samples and objects are arranged on the walls of the studio, in notebooks and in folders in my computer. This artistic research allows a cross-reading between low and high culture and personal experience. From time to time i collaborate with practitioners outside of the artistic field, whose research broaden the preconditions of intimacy and relationships.

The artworks connect through humor and provocation and often by the use of text. The use of fictional vocabulary is a way to disturb previous knowledge or introduce new. The linguistic expression moves between open communication and subliminal stimuli- any sensory stimuli that triggers the receiver on a subconscious level. Either demanding attention or desperatly eliciting for certain response. The techniques are in my work used to overlap meaning, gestures and materials to highlight aspects of power and to embrace diversity in intimacy and desire.

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